Project Management Software

VProject System is project management software that will organize the workplace and allow you to manage large and complicated projects. The system will enable you to achieve extraordinary results because it is based on an industrial strength SQL contact database capable of holding thousands of contact records. To this base you add your users. These are the team members that function within the software in a collaborative work environment. Lastly you add a task management system that ties together team members, clients, and the specific tasks you need done. The project management software system is a collaborative online environment that will handle the most difficult and complicated workplace with relative ease.

Here are the steps to getting started with the system. Be sure to watch the “Quick Start Videos” in the video section.

Step 1: Enter Your First Client

You do that as follows:

1. Log in and go to the Main Menu
2. Click the Add a Contact button (left side, second button)
3. Partially (or completely) fill in the Add a Contact screen.
4. Click Add this Record and Close (at the bottom of the page)

Step 2: Lookup and Edit Your Client

Your client database is a full contact management system. It forms the basis of your company. You can lookup a client in a variety of ways (company name, first, last, city, etc.). To lookup a client do the following:

1. Go to the Main Menu
2. Click Contact Database (left side, first button)
3. With Company Name selected, enter the FIRST THREE LETTERS of the company name.
4. Click the Action button.
5. The system will find ALL records matching the search criteria. Review the list and find the contact you are looking for. Then click the Blue Ball marked C (for contact)
6. Type in additional information into the client form.
7. Click Update Record and Close

Note: Do not delete client’s records as you will lose traceability, especially if there is activity against that client. Archive them instead.

Step 3: Enter your staff (co-workers) as users

The power of Production System comes from assigning jobs and working against a client. To do this we MUST setup your users in the system, even if you are the only team member. To do that, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Main Menu. Click the Administration button (left side, fourth button).
2. Click Edit System Users. Review the list of users. If the user is in the system (you for example) you do not need to add a user.
3. Hit the Back Button (on the browser). Click Add A New User.
4. Fill in the top half of the form. Work name is the first name or nickname (no spaces).
5. Fill in the Production System username and password.

Now that user is setup. Give them their username and password and tell them to log in at

Step 4: Entering a job for a client

Production System makes order from chaos you BY ENTERING JOBS into the system. A job is the glue that holds the organization together. Resist the temptation to wing it (assign tasks off the top of your head). Instead, when tasks come up, enter a job into the system. This is the only way to organize dozens of jobs for hundreds of clients.

1. Go to the Main Menu
2. Click Add A Production Job
3. Enter the date, the job name (arbitrary), priority, and estimated hours (arbitrary).
4. Pull down the Client dropdown list to assign the client the job is for. This is the person or company that will be paying for the labor.
5. Pull down the Assigned to dropdown list to select the worker you want assigned to the job. Note: this is who is responsible for getting this task accomplished.
6. Describe the job fully so that your worker can understand and execute the task without further explanation from you.
7. Click Add Production Job.

Step 5: Managing your project workload

The system is capable of handling hundreds of jobs. To review what jobs you have assigned do this:

1. Go to the Main Menu
2. Click Production Jobs (top row, second button)
3. This is your workload. To edit a job, click the blue edit ball.

Note: Always enter your work as it comes up. Work from the system, not your head.

Step 6: Team Member Individual Work Queues

Jobs are assigned to co-workers (users in the system). Each worker has a job queue. You want your workers to work from their job queue, doing the top job first as follows:

1. Go to the Main Menu
2. Click Your Job Queue (right side, fourth button)
3. Your worker will see the jobs you have assigned for them to do. The jobs are ranked in priority order first and date second.
4. Workers should work the job to completion if possible.
5. When the job is complete, click Edit this Task.
6. Check the Complete checkbox
7. Click Update this Entry.

Note: Completed jobs appear in red in the Production Jobs list. Managing your workload is nothing more than managing these jobs through the system.

Note: Alternatively you can go to Job Queues. This will show you everyone’s job queue.

Step 7: Recording What’s Been Done

To make sure that you know what has been done YOU MUST RECORD WORK AS YOU DO IT. When an employee finishes a job they should make an entry into their work record. Employee work records form the basis of your organization and billing, even if you do the work yourself. This record what has been done do this:

1. When a job is complete click the Your Work Record button (right, fourth button).
2. Enter the date, hours worked, and Production (arbitrary).
3. Pull down the Production dropdown list to the job just completed.
4. Enter an accurate and detailed description of the work done.
5. Click Add this Entry.

That job, and its associated work, is recorded against the client. Invoicing and status is easy. Just look up the client (in the Contact Database) and see what jobs have been done and what work has been recorded on their behalf.

That forms the basis of the Project System. The key is to rely on the system. When tasks come up simply enter them into Project System. If you’d like to talk to tech support call us at 714-368-1500. We are in California.