How A Project Management System Organizes the Work Environment

Large group of people looking together at laptop.What is a Project Management System and how does it work?

Project System is an online project management system that manages large projects. It works with a system of contacts, team members, and task to organize the work environment. At the project manager it gives you that ability to add your team members to the system, enter contacts into a contact management database, and assign tasks. Managing a large and detailed work environment becomes a matter of getting everything assigned to the appropriate team members. Tasks performed by team members is recorded into the system. As the project manager a project management system provides visibility and control over the entire process.

How does Project System project management system work?

Project System is online software that supports the work environment completely. The system is made up of four basic components:

  • A detailed database of all your contacts
  • An area to access in your team members
  • A task assignment and management system
  • Team member work records

The biggest problem facing the project manager is to keep everyone on task. The conventional way of doing this is to talk to team members in meetings and give them assignments to carry out. What you find out quickly is the work environment is not static. Requirements change rapidly. Team members have trouble staying on task. Without a formal project management system the entire process can be very inefficient very quickly.

Project System gives you the tools to keep everything in control. Team members each have a personal task queue that contains only their tasks in the order they should do them. You, as the project manager, have the ability to update and reshuffle tasks as requirements change. You can adapt the workload as requirements change. When a task requirement changes go to Add New job and enter:

  • Select the client from a drop down list
  • Select the employee assigned to the job.
  • Describe what you want done in specific terms.
  • Set the priority of the task.

How can a project management system keep team member on task?

When the employee logs onto Project system they are taken to the Job Queue. In the Job Queue is a list of jobs they are to work on. As they work on the job they record what they do in their work record (and the hours worked). As the project manager you control who does what. You also have immediate feedback as to what each employee has actually done. Project System works equally well when employees are not in the same physical location.

How do I keep track of tasks?

You have a master job list (see screens, number 3). When a client calls needing something done, just Add the job into the system and assign it to an employee. Then that job is being handled. You don’t have to juggle dozens of details because they are all in Project System. With this tool you can manage far more than you could keeping things in your head or on post-its.

How do employees know what to do?

Keep in mind your employees do not get paid unless they do the work in Project System. As a matter of course, they will log into Project System when they start work. When the employee logs in the first thing they see is their job screen. This is a list of the jobs assigned to them. They work on the top job down, recording what they did and how long it took.

How can I make the employees participate in the system?

Simple, put the work in the system. If they don’t open the system and do what’s assigned, they don’t get paid. Employee pay is based on hours logged into the system. If there are no hours logged, no pay.

What if we work in different cities?

Project System is a web-based system. It works well in the office. It works just as well on the road. It is perfect for coordinating projects, clients, and labor from remote locations. You can have employees, contractors, and clients anywhere in the country.

How does the labor get recorded?

All the work done goes into Project System. Labor accumulates in the system database. Once a week, go into the system and Invoice the labor by posting it to the client. The system automatically generates invoices by picking up all posted labor and compiling invoices. Every minute is accounted for.

How many clients can I have?

Project System will accommodate an unlimited number of clients. Not all contacts are paying clients. A typical project may have around 100 paying clients.

How my team members can I have?

You can access as many people as you want into the system depending on your plan. A typical organization is usually about 10 people.